Formula One: No 2015 German Grand Prix, says Hockenheim boss

BERLIN (AFP) - The boss of Hockenheim insists there will not be a German Grand Prix held there in 2015 despite a leg of the Formula One championship scheduled to take place at the circuit on July 19.

Georg Seiler, managing director of the Hockenheim track, told German daily Bild they will not be ready to host the race in time.

"We have no hope any more of having a Formula One race here," he said.

"The time in which to organise a race has expired, otherwise the quality of the event would have suffered."

Hockenheim hosted last year's German Grand Prix, but is supposed to alternate each year with the Nurburgring, which has new owners and no contract for 2015.

Formula One magnate Bernie Ecclestone said in January that Hockenheim would again host this year's race and the official 2015 calendar does not yet specify a venue for the race.

Seiler says a call from Ecclestone, who told the English media on Monday that Hockenheim is the only viable option in Germany, could rapidly change the situation, but the German is not waiting for the phone to ring.

"If Mr Ecclestone would call tomorrow, we would have a new situation. But I don't believe he will," said Seiler.

There are several problems including ticket sales as the Hockenheim race has yet to be confirmed and there is now not enough time left to sell the necessary tickets, according to Seiler, who plans to host the German GP in 2016 and 2018.

"We've already lost three or four months worth of ticket sales, including the lucrative Christmas market," he explained.

"And we didn't want to impair on our fixed dates for 2016 and 2018 with moderate sales performances this year.

"And next year we want a nicely filled full house with two Germans on the podium."

Seiler insisted Hockenheim's failure to host the event is down to Nurburgring's financial difficulties.

"We love Formula One, but without financial support our hands are tied," Seiler told Germany's Motorsport

"I want it to be understood that we are not responsible for the fact that it won't work out.

"On the contrary, we have done everything to hold the event as Nurburgring was not able to be the venue in 2015.

"However, it is not in our hands. The main things it comes down to are money and time."