Know where Leicester is? ST's interactive guide to Leicester's city, people and champion football club

Leicester City have suddenly become an overnight household name, even among those who follow sport avidly.

Their English Premiership title win earlier this month after 36 gruelling weeks in one of the world's toughest football leagues - despite their lack of financial might and big-name signings - has been hailed worldwide as a miracle of the modern sporting age, where big money often goes hand in hand with success.

With the league ending soon this weekend, here is our list of interactives and specials to give you a quick guide.

Do you know where Leicester City is? Try this game on your mobile device now by tapping or clicking at your desktop.

Leicester not just about its champion football club. Find out more about the city's 10 Asian connections here

Leicester's players and fans certainly know how to party too. Here's a recap of their winning week as they were captured in several viral video celebrations. Below is their charming Italian manager Claudio Ranieri.

Naturally, it always pays off to hear from the people who have direct behind-the-scenes access to Leicester's winning ways, as Thailand English broadsheet The Nation translated an exclusive interview it had with Leicester's Thai owners for The Straits Times.

Singapore football fans also came to know of a rare local Leicester fan Perry Tan, 42, who has supported the Foxes through thick and thin since 1993, and has kept his 1995 jersey till today.