Football: Main fields usage at HYFA restricted to weekdays before 7pm

SINGAPORE - Usage for the two main football pitches at the Home United Youth Football Academy (HYFA) along Mattar Road has been restricted, following complaints from residents who live in the neighbourhood.

Since the middle of last month, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has ordered that the fields cannot be used during the weekends and for every weeknight from 7pm.

This is because some residents have complained about the noise created from the football activities held at the 25-hectare facility, which started operations in February 2014.

The 10 futsal pitches further away from Blk 126 Aljunied Road - the HDB block which is nearest to HYFA - remain unaffected.

Following the new measures in place, football academy JSSL Singapore, one of the major users of the facility, has been forced to find a new venue to conduct its programmes. It has now relocated its headquarters to The Arena at Woodleigh Park.

This is not the first time that the residents have raised up their concerns over the noise. Last May, they have met up with government agencies including the SLA, HUFC, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the National Environment Agency, the People's Association and the Municipal Services Office in a meeting to discuss possible ways to solve the issue.

Compromises were made by the football academies after the meeting. For example, they used whistles that were not too loud, and they moved their tents further away from the blocks. A hotline was also set up so that the residents could contact them.

Home chief executive Azrulnizam Sohaimi said in a statement on Friday: "HUFC and SLA are aware of complaints on noise raised by a handful of residents, and are in discussions to address the feedback received."

Because of the restrictions, Home United's women's team have to find alternative locations at Queenstown Stadium and Jalan Besar Stadium to conduct their training sessions twice a week.

The Home United's Centre of Excellence (COE) Under-15 and U-17 teams are largely unaffected because they end their training sessions at 7pm.