Football Funnies: Die-hard Norwegian Liverpool fans name their daughter Ynwa, after You'll Never Walk Alone

No matter how big a Liverpool fan you are, you'll probably concede that these Norwegian parents have you beat.

A pair of Reds diehards named their daughter Ynwa, after the abbreviation for the club's iconic song You'll Never Walk Alone. Ynwa, now four, is set to make a trip to Anfield with her parents in May as a fifth birthday present.

Her mother, Eirin Isabel Iversen, told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that the couple settled on Gerrard as the name for a boy, The Guardian reported, but had difficulty coming up with one for a girl. She said: "But when I suggested YNWA, he entirely agreed."

Despite her name, Ynwa's parents say that there was no pressure on the girl to become a Liverpool supporter too. Thankfully, she seems to have developed a healthy love for the club. 

Iversen said: "Her full name is Karoline Ynwa – we couldn’t really force her to cheer on Liverpool. But she is very proud of her name." She added that Ynwa has taken to wearing a Liverpool jersey and sitting with her father to watch matches.

If you're looking for a name that's a bit more pronounceable but still showcases your love for Liverpool, Christian Moller, chair of Norway's Liverpool fan group, has a suggestion. He told Dagbladet that one couple named their daughter Tia, short for "This Is Anfield".