askST: How much will it cost to watch the English Premier League?

Liverpool fans at a live screening of the Manchester City-Liverpool EPL match at Cafe Football here on April 10, 2022. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

Q: If I'm not a StarHub or Singtel subscriber, how do I sign up to watch the English Premier League (EPL)?

A: From 10am on Thursday (June 9), anyone (including Singtel subscribers) may sign up to watch the EPL at this website or at StarHub shops.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Early bird offers are available for the first 25,000 subscribers who sign up for StarHub's Premier+ from Thursday until June 30. Premier+ is its newly launched over-the-top service for EPL and does not include other sports.

Customers with a StarHub mobile postpaid, broadband or TV plan that costs more than $15 a month will be charged $19.99 monthly, while those who opt for Premier+ only will have to pay $34.99 per month. After the early-bird promotion, the monthly charges are $24.99 and $39.99 respectively.

Cross-carriage arrangement is available for existing Singtel TV subscribers, who can watch EPL from Singtel set-top boxes at $64.90 a month, which is the same price as StarHub's Premier Pack.

Q: Is watching world-class football here going to be cheaper than before?

A: Yes, if we are talking about only the English Premier League.

StarHub's new monthly price plans for Premier+ from $19.99 to $39.99 apply only to EPL content, and are cheaper than the $49.90 Singtel charged last season for its Cast service which carried EPL and included other sports content such as the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Formula One, MotoGP and Wimbledon.

Q: Will it cost more if I also want to watch other sports content?

A: It depends. If you are an existing StarHub customer with a mobile postpaid, broadband or TV plan that costs more than $15 a month, you will pay no more than $24.99 per month to watch only EPL.

You may add either $24.99 a month for Sports+ on StarHub with a 24-month contract or $19.90 a month for Cast on Singtel to get other sports content such as the Champions League. This works out to be respectively 8 cents more or $5.01 cheaper than last season’s $49.90 Cast bundle.

Subscribers who are not on StarHub plans that cost over $15 a month pay a maximum of $39.99 a month for Premier+ and after adding Sports+ or Cast, it adds up to $64.98 and $59.89 per month, which is costlier than last season.

While both telcos offer the Champions League, they also carry different sports content.

Q: What happens if I still have a Singtel subscription with mio Stadium channels?

A: Other than the $30 monthly reduction for the Cast Sports Plus pack which previously screened EPL, there will be monthly reductions of up to $20 for the other packs and bill rebates of up to $30.

Until June 30, you may also terminate your Singtel TV subscription without early termination charges.

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