Chile soccer match breaks Guinness World Record

A group of Chilean amateur and professional footballers score a Guinness World Record title for the most players in a football match with 2,357 players.

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) - A huge crowd of amateur and professional football players teamed up in Chile to play a match that broke the world record for the number of participants: a five-day marathon that featured 2357 players.

The 120-hour match took place last week in Bicentenary Stadium in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

Most of the players were amateurs who applied online to take part in the game, which was sponsored by Entel, a Chilean telecommunications company.

But many professionals also joined in, including Chilean internationals Cristopher Toselli and Bryan Carrasco.

Carrasco said, "Happy and thankful to Entel, for the initiative of placing Chile in the Guinness World Records in an activity which is entertaining and is always based on sport, of a lot of motivation. So I'm happy I participated. That Chile's name has been registered."

"Very nice. I hope it means something (record) and that it lasts for long time in history. Nice to take part in this," added fellow football player Guillermo Maripan.

The match lasted longer than a 105-hour game played in Scotland last year.

But the Scottish match will keep the record for longest match, because Guinness World Records did not certify how long the Chilean match lasted.