Borneo Motors sets record for Singapore's first spiral run

The spiral run was held to commemorate Toyota's new home at the 11-storey Inchcape Centre.
The spiral run was held to commemorate Toyota's new home at the 11-storey Inchcape Centre.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK/TOYOTAME SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - Toyota and its distributor Borneo Motors (Singapore) entered the Singapore Book of Records for organising Singapore's first Spiral Run.

Commemorating Toyota's new home at the 11-storey Inchcape Centre, the Nov 11 Spiral Run saw a turnout of 1,426 participants, with 252 taking part in the competitive segment. Each competitive participant needed to cover a vertical ramp distance of 1.1km.

Jasmmine Wong, managing director of Inchcape Singapore said: "At Toyota, we are constantly striving to exceed our limits and set new records, so we are thrilled to ambitiously host Singapore's first-ever Spiral Run.

"By opening up this centre, we hope to give the public a behind-the-scenes look into the significant investments and meticulous processes we have in place to ultimately deliver top-notch quality and peace of mind for all vehicle owners, something unique to an authorised dealer."

The Toyota Spiral Run is an effort by the brand to give back to society by pledging $88,000 to the charities supported by the Community Chest, a non-profit organisation that channels resources to the social service sector in Singapore.

Said Community Chest chairman Phillip Tan: "We are delighted that Borneo Motors (Singapore) has leveraged this inaugural record event to give back to the community.

"On behalf of our 80 supported charities, we would like to thank Borneo Motors (Singapore) for their gracious contribution and look forward to our continued partnership to empower the lives of the social service users we serve."