Badminton: Watch Loh Kean Yew take on Viktor Axelsen - in a tale of the tape

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With questions set by ST Sports Correspondent David Lee, badminton champs Loh Kean Yew and Viktor Axelsen play a very different kind of rally.

SINGAPORE - Warily, Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen eyed his worthy opponent, world champion Loh Kean Yew, ahead of their showdown at OCBC Arena on Tuesday (July 13).

Despite having a 19cm height advantage, the 1.94m Danish badminton legend was taking no chances. "I think he could win... I have to pump up first," said the world No. 1.

Meanwhile, world No. 9 Loh was equally cautious, as he mumbled: "I just look in better shape because I'm smaller than him."

This was not an ordinary match, but a duel to determine who has the biggest calves on tour - a hot topic since the explosive Loh grabbed his chance at last year's World Championships in Spain, where the cameras captured his bulging leg muscles.

So, when Axelsen was in town for a few days to take a break from competition, The Straits Times had to put an end to the debate via a tale of the (measuring) tape.

Other than this matchpoint, there were several fascinating rallies, sneaky serves, rapid returns and even a little trash-talking between them like you've never seen before.

A winner was decided amid much laughter, as Axelsen claimed he and Loh has a "special relationship". But don't just take our word for it. Watch our exclusive video to find out who won the calf contest - by half an inch - and how unique their bromance is.

SPH Brightcove Video
Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen and world champion Loh Kean Yew talk about their relationship, why Axelsen has opened himself up to his rivals with his training camp, and what Kean Yew has learnt.

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