Athletics: German athletes risk jail time for doping

BERLIN (AFP) - German athletes found guilty of doping or in possession of performance-enhancing drugs risk a three-year prison sentence, according to a new anti-doping law which came into effect in the new year.

German Athletics Association (DLV) president Clemens Prokop said the new anti-doping law was an "international model" and would be used to "defend and protect" both athletes and sport's credibility, during a recent interview with Bavarian radio.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas added: "This is a declaration for clean sport and of support for all athletes who compete cleanly and fairly."

According to the new legislation, athletes who test positive for prohibited substances or are caught in possession of doping products are liable to face a punishment of up to three years in prison.

Jail terms can be as much as 10 years for anyone who provides doping products to athletes, such as doctors and coaches.