Youth filmed using penknife to slice Lorong Halus bridge canopy

The youth made several cuts into the canopy of the bridge with a penknife, creating a hole.
The youth made several cuts into the canopy of the bridge with a penknife, creating a hole. PHOTO: SCREENGRABS FROM FACEBOOK / ALL SINGAPORE STUFF

SINGAPORE - Egged on by another person, a youth sliced the canopy of the Lorong Halus red bridge, a popular attraction in Punggol.

A video on Instagram shows him using a penknife to do it while a voice could be heard saying: "Eh, cut, cut, cut some more, cut some more."

The Straits Times understands the incident took place on Thursday (Dec 27).

Later the same day, the youth posted an apology on his Instagram account, admitting his stupidity in doing it and expressing the hope that he would not be charged for "vandalism to public property''.

National water agency PUB, which manages the Lorong Halus Wetland where the bridge is, said on Friday it has made a police report. And the police told The Straits Times they are investigating the incident.

The video, which went viral, appears to have been deleted from the youth's Instagram account as of 6.30pm on Friday.

In the video, the youth is seen holding a penknife and crouching on the guardrail of the bridge while a person off-camera tells him to wait, before saying, "okay, go, go, go".

He then reaches up and begins slicing a hole in the canopy as the person off-screen encouraged him to "cut some more".

When done, he jumps back on the bridge and the video shows several youths sitting in the background.

A person was heard asking the youth for his Instagram handle before the video ends.

The youth, in his apology shared on various sites, wrote: "I am sorry for what I have done today... I should have been mature enough to think what is right and what is wrong. I admit that the thing I did was a crime as it counts under vandalism to public property.

"I hope that you guys will not take any action against my stupidity. I hope you guys won't press charges on me."

He added that " it was a childish act to look cool".

He also apologised to the "fixed community", a reference to the community of cyclists who ride fixed-wheel bicycles. Some netizens had linked him to the community as he appeared to be wearing a jacket bearing the logo of one of its groups.

In July this year, Instagram videos of a youth throwing bicycles from bike-sharing firms ofo and oBike off the same bridge went viral as well.

At the time, a person could be heard in the background of the videos warning the youth he might get "stomped", referring to his video being shared on the citizen journalism website Stomp.