Woman's phone stolen at Bugis Junction's LiHo

SINGAPORE - She had mistakenly left her phone on the counter at bubble tea chain LiHo on Sunday (Oct 29) evening, but when she realised minutes later and went back to get it, it was gone.

When digital marketing consultant Denise Neo returned to the outlet at Bugis Junction around 5.20pm, her rose-gold Oppo R7s was nowhere to be seen.

The employees at the drink store retrieved closed-circuit television footage. It shows her phone, which is encased in a black cover, on the counter, with a small part jutting out from the edge of the counter.

At 1min 32sec, the woman in the queue behind Ms Neo places her wallet on top of the phone and appears to pick it up and place it in her bag. The phone is no longer on the counter when she leaves.

Ms Neo, who is in her 20s, turned to social media in desperation to trace her phone, which she had bought for more than $200 about two years ago.

She told The Straits Times on Tuesday (Oct 31) that she was with a friend at the drink outlet and had placed her phone on the counter to retrieve her wallet. After paying for the drink, she forgot about her phone and went to the collection counter.

It took her about five minutes to realise her phone was gone, but by then, it was no longer at the counter.

After viewing CCTV footage, she made a police report. The police confirmed with ST that a report was lodged.

Ms Neo said the woman whom she thinks allegedly stole her phone looked to be in her 30s and was around 1.68m tall.

Ms Neo tried to track her phone using an app and last saw it at Chestnut Avenue in Bukit Panjang. However, she thinks the person who has it has turned off the phone as she cannot track it any longer.

She also lost several cards including her NRIC, three debit cards and her condominium access card, that were slotted in the case of her phone.

"I left my phone behind once in a cab before, but the person returned it to me," said Ms Neo. "But I've never lost so many valuables at one time before, so it's quite traumatising."


This is the latest in a series of videos going online that appear to capture thefts in public places.

Also on Sunday, a man was caught on camera stealing a sling bag at Dunman Food Centre.

Footage of the incident was also posted on Facebook.

Police investigations are ongoing.