Woman injures hand after tripping on Canopy Park walking net at Jewel Changi Airport

Members of the media at a preview of the Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport, which opened to the public on June 10, 2019. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

SINGAPORE - A woman injured her hand after tripping while walking on the sky nets attraction at Canopy Park in Jewel Changi Airport on Friday (June 14).

A Jewel spokesman confirmed the incident, saying that the woman had "tripped while walking and fell forward" at around 5.05pm.

A ranger on duty immediately administered first aid to the woman, said the spokesman.

Canopy Park opened to the public last Monday.

She added that since its opening, ground operations at Canopy Park have been constantly monitored. This includes refining operational procedures to ensure that guests continue to have an enjoyable time at Jewel.

The spokesman said: "We regret the guest's unfortunate experience and we urge all guests to stay aware of their personal safety while having fun at the attractions."

She added that Jewel will continue to monitor the ground closely.

The female visitor had posted about her accident on Facebook, but the post appears to have been removed.

The attractions at Canopy Park have undergone numerous safety tests including certification of material used before they were certified safe for operations, said the Jewel spokesman.

There are also safety advisories and on-ground reminders by the staff who are stationed at all the attractions, she added.

These include advisories regarding proper footwear, appropriate behaviour, minimum height requirement and adult supervision for young children.

The number of people allowed into each attraction is also regulated to ensure safety is not compromised, said the spokesman.

Staff stationed at the attractions - referred to as rangers by the spokesman - are trained to keep a vigilant watch on all guests especially children.

Apart from staff at the entrance and exit, there are also staff on the walking nets who are available to render assistance to guests, if necessary.

The spokesman added that "it is not uncommon" to see rangers walking hand-in-hand with guests who may require assistance when on the walking net.

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