Woman hit by car at pedestrian crossing while chasing young boy dashing across road

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SINGAPORE - A video going viral shows a woman being hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing while chasing a boy, believed to be her grandson, who had dashed across the road moments earlier.

The incident happened on Tuesday (July 25) morning along Clementi Road, towards the Ayer Rajah Expressway, eyewitness Tony Gui told The Straits Times on Saturday.

The 47-year-old regional manager at an IT company said he was driving his daughter to school when he stopped at the red lights and noticed two people dashing across the junction.

"The first was the little boy, waiting for a woman - who I believe was his grandma - to catch up with him on the other side of the road," said Mr Gui. "The lights had already started to blink. From my view I can see the boy running faster than his grandma across the road."

He said he had the feeling something bad may happen so he watched the pair as they approached the zebra crossing.

"True enough, the little boy just kept running and dashed across the zebra crossing and a car came," he said.

From the video he sent to ST, the boy made it safely across but the car hit the woman chasing him.

"She got hit lightly and I think she fell, but I have no idea how badly she was injured," said Mr Gui.

Another clip shows the driver of the car alighting and helping the woman, whom Mr Gui said appeared to be in her late 60s. She got up and adjusted her spectacles while the boy "seemed a bit shocked" and walked back slowly.

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"Thank God she wasn't thrown off (the vehicle)," said Mr Gui, who said it was his first time witnessing such an accident firsthand.

He said he was not sure if any police reports were made or if anyone called for an ambulance as he drove off soon after.

Mr Gui, who has two daughters, said he frequently forwards videos of such incidents to his family and colleagues.

"For children their mindset often is - 'If the pedestrian lights are in my favour, I just cross'. (I tell them) not to assume that drivers will stop for you even if the lights are in your favour," he said.

"The boy dashed across without even checking, I was so worried."

An edited video, posted on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, sparked a discussion about road safety.

Some blamed lack of education, while others said the adult was at fault as she should not have dashed across.

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