Why there's no Deck 14 and other things to know about mega cruise liner Genting Dream

From attractions like water slides, to a zipline and nightclub Zouk, luxury cruise liner Genting Dream also has restaurants, 18 decks, and can host 3,352 passengers.

Genting Hong Kong's cruise liner Genting Dream is the biggest luxury ship to currently make Singapore its home port. Its arrival boosts Singapore's status as a cruise hub in Asia, and marks the first time Singapore is serving as the long-term home port of a cruise ship of such a scale.

Here are five things to know about this liner.

1. A beast of a ship

The Genting Dream marks the first time Singapore is serving as the long-term home port of a cruise ship of such a scale.  ST PHOTO: JOSE HONG 

Genting Dream is massive. Its length is 335m, about the distance from Tang Plaza to Far East Plaza in Scotts Road. Its 18 decks can hold 3,352 passengers and 2,016 crew members. With a tonnage of 150,695 tons, it is one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

2. It has no Deck 14

The Genting Dream arrived at Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore on Nov 16, 2017.  PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER/TIMOTHY DAVID 

Observant passengers would have noticed that the ship has no labelled Deck 14. This is a nod to Chinese superstition, as the word for "four" sounds similar to "death" in Mandarin and many Chinese dialects. Similar practices can be found in other parts of the world, where buildings "skip" the 13th floor, on account of a Western belief that the number 13 is unlucky.

3. You can party on board with Zouk

The Genting Dream houses Zouk At Sea, which is divided into the Zouk Night Club, an indoor dance club, and Zouk Beach Club, an outdoor party deck.  PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER/TIMOTHY DAVID

The cruise liner has brought Singapore nightclub Zouk on board, and partygoers will be able to dance away indoors and outdoors with its DJs.


4. Watch China's Got Talent live

Genting Dream's passengers will be able to enjoy live performances in the 999-seat Zodiac Theatre. Fans of China's Got Talent will be especially thrilled, as Genting Dream signed an agreement with the show's producers and distributor to create a live version of the TV competition.

5. Your own private ship

The Dream Palace section of the Genting Dream luxury ship features a private sun deck and pool, and butler services. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER/TIMOTHY DAVID 

The well-heeled can enjoy the luxury of a "ship within a ship", called the Dream Palace. This private section of Genting Dream offers 142 suites with a personal butler service, as well as its own gym, sundeck and pool.