When do CPF payouts start? 3 things you need to know when planning your retirement

Get started on your retirement planning early for peace of mind in your golden years. PHOTO: CENTRAL PROVIDENT FUND BOARD

Having an early start to planning for your retirement is key to having peace of mind in your golden years. Take the guesswork out of the equation as CPF gets you started with your retirement planning. Here are some CPF numbers you need to know.

This is the amount you can expect to receive every month if you join CPF LIFE with $272,900 in your CPF Retirement Account (RA) at the age of 65. This may seem to be a big sum of money, but with attractive CPF interest rates, you can achieve this by setting aside $181,000, the current Full Retirement Sum, at the age of 55. For higher payouts, you can top up your RA.

There are three CPF LIFE Plans: Escalating, Standard and Basic Plan. Ask yourself whether you prefer a monthly payout that increases each year to help you cope with rising prices, or a fixed budget even if it means being able to buy less as things get more expensive as the years pass. Plan ahead and build up your CPF savings to meet your retirement goals.

*Based on the CPF LIFE Standard Plan computed for a CPF member turning 55 in 2020.

You can start receiving the monthly payouts any time from the age of 65.

However, if you do not have immediate needs, you may wish to defer receiving your payouts. For every year that you defer, the payouts will increase by up to 7 per cent. This will give you up to a 35-per-cent increase in monthly payouts if you choose to start receiving them at 70.

You have until the age of 70 to start your payouts, after which they will automatically begin.

The Government helps you grow your CPF savings by paying good interest.

Singaporeans who are 55 and above earn 6 per cent on the first $30,000 of their total CPF savings, and 5 per cent on the next $30,000.

Boost your retirement savings by making small and regular top-ups to your Special Account before you turn 55, and Retirement Account afterwards.

Adding just $5 a day to your CPF savings will net you over $35,000** in 15 years with the power of compound interest.

The earlier you top up your CPF accounts, the more you will benefit.

**Computed using the base interest of 4 per cent per annum on your Special or Retirement Account.

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