What's News: October 10, 2016

HDB flats under construction in Punggol.
HDB flats under construction in Punggol.PHOTO: ST FILE


Shorter wait for BTO flats

The Government is looking to shorten the wait for new HDB flats - from the current three to four years, to two to three years. This would help young couples move into their new homes quicker, said National Development Minister Lawrence Wong in a wide-ranging interview with The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao last week.


Mindful of kids' mental health

Peer support groups, counselling offices and rest corners are some of the ways in which schools here have been trying to make sure that their students' mental health is cared for amid a national effort to tackle the problem of young suicides.



Indian presence Down Under

Government figures show that Australia's 430,000-plus Indian population has more than tripled in just a decade. Across Melbourne (photo), the Indian presence has become increasingly noticeable. Restaurants and spice shops have been popping up around the city and there are plans for the country's first retirement homes for Indians.


Arab coalition to probe air raid

The Saudi-led coalition fighting rebels in Yemen says it will probe an air raid that killed over 140 people at a funeral, after initially denying any responsibility. Washington said it was reviewing support for the Arab coalition, adding "US security cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not a blank cheque".


Political leaders now pay heed

Once dismissed as parochial and inconvenient by elites, concerns about job security and immigration now have the ear of political leaders all over the world - Britain's Theresa May being the latest, says Jonathan Eyal.

Buses at the Toa Payoh interchange. Twenty Go-Ahead bus drivers recently quit because they could not cope with having to do multiple routes.
Buses at the Toa Payoh interchange. Twenty Go-Ahead bus drivers recently quit because they could not cope with having to do multiple routes. ST FILE PHOTO


Bus route juggling faces bumpy road

Bus drivers overseas are used to operating several different routes but, in Singapore, the practice - known as "interlining" - is an unusual one. It is now being considered here, though experts think that it may not be popular with drivers.


Mission to save crabs

The Nature Society (Singapore) is getting its claws into solving the mysteries of the horseshoe crab. The species is actually related to arachnids and it hopes to find out more about native populations in an effort to preserve them.


Markets jittery ahead of US polls

Regional stock markets are expected to be volatile as traders follow the White House race. US presidential elections are typically preceded by market sell-offs but, this time, investors also have to factor in candidate Donald Trump and his controversial stances on immigration and trade.


UFC champ avenges loss

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Michael Bisping avenged the most devastating loss of his career by claiming a close decision victory over Dan Henderson at UFC 204 in Manchester on Saturday.



Album born of hard times

Blue Guitar is singer-songwriter Mark Chan's (photo) first contemporary pop album in almost two decades. It is his response to the end of a long-term relationship and it was also shaped by an accident. As a result of his injuries, the only instrument he can play now is a junior-sized blue guitar, hence the title of the record.

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