What's News: June 16, 2018


Airbnb shows contributions

A study by home-sharing platform Airbnb claims to show how its economic contributions have helped areas outside Singapore's tourist district. It comes ahead of the outcome of a public consultation on regulating the home-sharing industry.


KL to recover 1MDB funds

Malaysia plans to recover all money taken illicitly from 1Malaysia Development Berhad and may pursue claims against firms that profited from dealing with it, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said. He added that the US justice department and enforcement agencies in other countries were cooperating with Malaysia.

A man walks through an economically stressed section of Worcester, Massachusetts. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


Poor in US losing right to vote

America's poor, minorities and other disfavoured groups are being "systematically deprived of their right to vote", a United Nations report says. Among other factors, the report blames disproportionate criminalisation of black citizens, gerrymandering and unnecessary voter identification requirements.


EU phases out palm oil in fuel

European Union negotiators have agreed to phase out the use of palm oil in transport fuels from 2030, setting up a clash with producer countries. Malaysia and Thailand, which producemost of the palm oil imported into Europe, had warned they would retaliate against what they called protectionist measures if a ban was introduced.


Celebrate summit's outcome

The world should celebrate that the summit between the United States and North Korea, which a year ago were on the brink of war, ended peacefully with an agreement, says Professor Tommy Koh.


Kids at risk in road accidents

Children are at high risk of being involved in traffic accidents. A study of 1,243 children admitted to KK Women's and Children's Hospital between January 2011 and June 2014 found that the use of protective headgear and restraints was "worryingly low".


Saving ugly food from the bin

Some groups save abandoned animals, this group saves unwanted food from the bin. Called SG Food Rescue, it collects unsightly, unsellable but edible fruits and vegetables from wholesalers and retailers, and gives them to soup kitchens and charities.


Call to look beyond GDP

Gross domestic product (GDP) has long been used as a measure of an economy's health but global bank Credit Suisse argues that different perspectives and other data should also be considered. It noted in a recent report that GDP is not an appropriate measure to capture the policy issues facing societies while few investors use it as a basis to make investment decisions.


Emotional outing for Lopetegui

Julen Lopetegui cried on stage during his unveiling as Real Madrid manager on Thursday, when he described being sacked by Spain as the "saddest day" of his life. Real president Florentino Perez also slammed the decision by Royal Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales as "absurd", before Lopetegui claimed that he did nothing wrong and acted in a "professional and honest way".



Hashida Sushi says sayonara

Japanese restaurant Hashida Sushi at Mandarin Gallery has closed and The Straits Times understands that its chef-owner Kenjiro Hashida (above) is planning to open a restaurant in San Francisco. He will be in Singapore occasionally for regional collaborations. D7


A mere photo op

The picturesque walk across the Capella hotel courtyard served no purpose other than to cater to the cameras, says ST Deputy Foreign Editor Tan Dawn Wei. http://str.sg/ogJR


Football fever in Moscow

Sports correspondent David Lee explores Moscow, meets football fans from around the globe and vaults the language barrier. http://str.sg/ogJD

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