What's News: July 1, 2016

Rodrigo Duterte taking his oath during his inauguration ceremony at the Malacanang presidential palace grounds in Manila, Philippines, on June 30.
Rodrigo Duterte taking his oath during his inauguration ceremony at the Malacanang presidential palace grounds in Manila, Philippines, on June 30. PHOTO: EPA


NS vocation choice

In a first for full-time national servicemen, pre-enlistees entering national service next year will be able to express their interest in what vocations they will like to serve in. They will be given a range of vocations to choose from during the pre-enlistment process, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen in his annual media interview ahead of SAF Day today.


Duterte sworn in as president

Populist firebrand Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in yesterday as the Philippines' 16th president, as he vowed to wage a "relentless" war on crime and corruption. He admitted his methods may be "unorthodox" and even "verge on the illegal".

China's South Sea Fleet taking part in a drill in the South China Sea in May. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


China talks tough on sea row

China has reiterated it would reject international arbitration on a case brought by the Philippines on the South China Sea, saying the court has no jurisdiction to make the "so-called final award" on the case.

The upcoming ruling, which is due on July 12, will bring to a close Manila's 2013 case to challenge China's claims to nearly all of the disputed waters.


Turkey pulled deeper into war

A brazen suicide attack at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport has set the stage for more violent conflicts between Turkey and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which would deepen Turkish involvement in the Syrian war. Police have detained 13 people, three of them foreigners.


Exit for globalisation?

Post-Brexit, deglobalisation is a real risk, writes LKY School of Public Policy professor Chen Kang . People are angry at how economic integration has depressed wages, hurt welfare and made owners of capital more powerful than before, at the expense of labour.


$25m marine research plan

The National Research Foundation launched a new $25 million, five-year marine research and development programme yesterday. Meanwhile, Singapore's only offshore marine research facility, based on St John's Island, has been opened to all marine scientists here, paving the way for more research.


PUB explores using drones

National water agency PUB is looking at using drones to carry out its work - such as to help it monitor pollution and suspected cases of illegal fishing. In a separate move, it is also in talks to use them in deep sewerage systems.


Asia still key for Credit Suisse Credit

Suisse's Asia-Pacific business is proceeding at full speed, even as the bank takes a wait-and-see attitude towards Britain's decision to leave the European Union, and the eventual impact on its London and European operations, says the Swiss bank's global chief executive, Mr Tidjane Thiam.

Phelps is on his way to Rio after his victory in the 200m butterfly at the US Olympic trials on Wednesday. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


Phelps makes historic swim to his 5th Olympics

Michael Phelps has become the first American male swimmer to qualify for a fifth Olympic Games. He retired after the 2012 London Olympics, returned to the pool in 2014, and was then banned from competitive swimming for six months after being arrested for drink-driving. But victory in the 200m butterfly at the US Olympic trials on Wednesday means he will be at Rio.

A big draw is the playground. PHOTO: MATTHIAS HO FOR THE STRAITS TIMES


Revamped Marine Cove opens

The new Marine Cove at East Coast Park, which cost $18 million to overhaul, is open. It was family- friendly before, but the new version offers lots more, with five new restaurants with kids' play areas, more covered walkways, toilets for children and a supersized playground for children of different ages and diverse abilities.


Set sail with David Hasselhoff

Former Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff will be captaining the third edition of It's The Ship, one of South-east Asia's biggest dance music festivals, which is held on a sea vessel. He will be making the announcements, hosting a gala dinner night and appearing at various activities. The party will be held from Nov 4 to 7.

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