What's News: Jul 30, 2018

House 63C, near Pulau Ubin's jetty, is among the houses that will be restored.
House 63C, near Pulau Ubin's jetty, is among the houses that will be restored.LIANHE ZAOBAO FILE PHOTO


Relooking PMETs' retraining

The Manpower Ministry is relooking its jobs retraining programme with a view to preparing professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) for new roles in their existing companies, rather than waiting for them to be retrenched. It will work more closely with economic agencies and companies.


New life for kampung homes

Five vacant kampung houses on Pulau Ubin have been identified for restoration for the use of the community, said the National Parks Board. There are 75 kampung houses and structures on the island, but only one building is conserved - a colonial 1930s Tudor-style house on its eastern tip.


Asean, partners meeting here

Officials from Asean countries and their key counterparts across the region will be in Singapore for a series of annual meetings this week. North Korea will be in focus, as the Asean Regional Forum will be the first time its foreign minister meets his counterparts from Asean and other partners since Pyongyang's warming of ties with Seoul and Washington this year.


More kangaroos on roads

In drought-stricken eastern Australia, motorists are undergoing "drought driving" lessons to deal with more kangaroos on roads. The animals have been flocking to the roadside to forage for patches of green grass or for water collecting in drains.


Behind the US-EU truce

The recent deal that came out of the Trump-Juncker meeting is at best a commercial armistice. It also signals a rebuff of Chinese overtures to the European Union to join forces against the United States, says Europe correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


Navy crew adept in many roles

Naval chef Mark Lim not only whips up meals for his colleagues on the warship RSS Vigour, he is also the vessel's main first-aider. Like Mr Lim, other navy crew members also hold multiple roles. A flight deck marshaller could also be called on to fight fires if needed.


Find missing person? Go online

Gone are the days when search parties were mobilised to look for missing people. Now, this search has gone online - and the chances of success are higher, say volunteer groups. Crime Library has not had to activate its volunteers in ground searches for the past five years.


$4.1b plan to grow W. Java port

Indonesia will kick off a 43.2 trillion rupiah (S$4.1 billion) project to develop Patimban Port in Subang, West Java, next month to improve its poor logistics performance and become a transshipment hub.

The Japan-backed project will be vital to ease movement of goods within and across the country's borders.


Medal hopes for Asian Games

Chefs de mission for the upcoming Asian Games and Asian Para Games are hopeful that the pattern of success at the last two SEA Games and the Commonwealth Games in April will continue. Apart from sailing, bowling and swimming, Asian Games chef de mission Lee Wung Yew pointed to "possibly nice surprises in other sports as well".



Photographer on a roll

Beijing-based Singaporean photographer Sim Chi Yin has joined the prestigious Magnum photo agency, the first South-east Asian to do so. The 39-year-old is on a roll in another way. Her exhibition, commissioned by the Nobel Peace Centre last year, is on show at the Lasalle College of the Arts.

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Comforts in the air

Take a look at some of the cabin and in-flight features for Singapore Airlines' new 19-hour service from Singapore to Newark. http://str.sg/odUr


Living with conflict

Straits Times correspondents Tan Hui Yee and Arlina Arshad spent two weeks in Thailand's deep south to discover what life is like in a region struggling with a separatist insurgency. http://str.sg/od5K

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