What to do when encountering a wild animal in Singapore

A signboard warning people on what to do if they encounter a wild boar at Windsor Nature Park, following an incident where a woman was injured in 2017. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Given Singapore's rich biodiversity in a small space, encounters with wild animals are not uncommon.

Here are some tips on what to do if you come face to face with an undomesticated neighbour.

Wild boars

Despite their shy appearance, wild boars can grow up to 100kg and can be unpredictable. The National Parks Board recommends that people remain calm and move slowly away from any boars they may encounter.

It is important not to approach or attempt to feed them, and not to corner or provoke the animals.

Adult boars with piglets, in particular, should be avoided, as they are very protective of their young and potentially more dangerous.


Monkeys seen gathering at the side of Old Upper Thomson Road. PHOTO: ST FILE

Some species of monkeys here have been conditioned to see man-made items such as plastic bags and containers as sources of food, leading to sometimes-aggressive behaviour.

People who encounter a monkey should remain calm and quiet, refrain from making sudden movements and avoid direct eye contact with the animal.

They should also not turn away from the monkeys, or try and hit them, and should hide or discard the item drawing their interest.


A reticulated python that was spotted in Toa Payoh Swimming Complex on April 29, 2014. PHOTO: ACRES

While often portrayed as evil or bloodthirsty in fiction, snakes for the most part would rather avoid humans.

Those who come across a snake should not try to hit, move or handle it themselves. They should leave the area and call for professional help.

The public can call NParks on 1800-476-1600 to ask for an expert to deal with an animal. They can also call the Acres wildlife rescue 24-hour hotline on 9783-7782.

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