What I would do as Singapore's PM: Netizens get creative in National Day Rally contest

SINGAPORE - A contest launched by the Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday (July 27) has garnered hundreds of enthusiastic responses from those eager to score an invite to this year's National Day Rally.

The question posed in the contest "what would you do if you could be Singapore's Prime Minister for 12 hours?" drew a mix of smart, thought-provoking and even hilarious answers.

As of 4pm on Thursday, almost 200 comments have been posted on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's Facebook post announcing the contest, while dozens of social media users also put up responses on their respective Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Those with the best responses will be selected to attend the Aug 21 rally at ITE College Central as Mr Lee's social media guests.

Many chose to look at the big picture.

Some suggested going undercover to hear from the man in the street.

Others raised issues in education, national service and healthcare, providing their unique takes on how things should be done.


Facebook user Lim Ngian Sen mooted the idea of using "ping pong diplomacy" in his wish to broker peace between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea dispute.

Hit mobile game Pokemon Go inevitably featured in some responses (although Facebook user Maria Charles might not be a very popular Prime Minister).

Space exploration featured high on Instagram user @ng.jia.ni's to-do list, while user @smalleyesbear wants to take a selfie with every Member of Parliament.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BIWWiF1hi5b/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BIWdhxoBGpM/

At such a young age, this adorable pair of girls are already thinking about saving the environment.

Then there were those who conveniently forgot there was a 50-word limit.