Water pipe collapses in Yishun mall carpark

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SINGAPORE - A pipe gave way in the carpark of Yishun 10 Multiplex on Saturday evening (March 23), causing water to spray from the damaged pipe.

Civil servant Darren Yong, 25, who parked his car there when he went to watch a movie at the mall's cinema, returned around 6pm to find the carpark floor wet and water spraying overhead like a fountain.

A video of the scene he sent to The Straits Times showed that some sections of a series of pipes attached to the ceiling had fallen.

A section of the pipes had also dropped onto a car.

Mr Yong, who had parked about 10m away from the incident, said: "I'm not sure how it started, I just quickly got my car away."

He was also worried that the carpark would flood.

A spokesman from Yishun 10 Multiplex said the building's management is looking into the matter and that the issue was resolved at 9.30pm.

The bolt nut of a pipe had given way, she said.

She added: "It is unfortunate that this has happened and the building management will do the utmost to assist the affected ones."

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