Victim of Beach Road hotpot accident discharged from hospital

SINGAPORE - Ms Linda Er, who suffered third degree burns during a hotpot dinner at Beach Road earlier this month, has been discharged from hospital.

She and a Thai singer were the most seriously injured in the accident on April 4. Ms Er and a friend were having supper at Chong Qing (Original) Steamboat when the gas canister at their table suddenly went up in flames.

The flash fire spread out to two neighbouring tables and five women landed in hospital with burns and scalds to their faces and arms.

Ms Er, 39, was discharged on Sunday after 10 days in hospital, Lianhe Wanbao reported. The Thai singer was also discharged a day later, Ms Er said.

The other three victims were not hospitalised.

Ms Er told Wanbao that she can no longer go out in the sun as her skin is peeling, and when she does, she will cover herself up from head to toe.

"I have to go for hospital appointments every few days, and I will wear a cap, mask, and a long-sleeved top to cover myself from top to bottom before I step out," she told Wanbao. People would stare and make remarks about her outfit.

She says her hospital bills have added up to more than $20,000.

"I'm worried that the final cost will exceed the amount I can claim from my insurance," she said.