Van goes on pavement along Woodlands Road to beat traffic jam; driver apologises for incident

A van was spotted driving on a pavement along Woodlands Road to escape a traffic jam, in a viral video posted online.
A van was spotted driving on a pavement along Woodlands Road to escape a traffic jam, in a viral video posted online.SCREENGRAB: ROADS.SG

SINGAPORE - To beat a traffic jam, the driver of a van drove his vehicle on a pavement along Woodlands Road and was filmed in a clip uploaded online on Tuesday evening (Sept 4).

The video, which was posted on the Facebook page, shows a red van driving along the road with its left side mounted on a pavement, as the vehicles on the road remain stuck in a traffic jam.

Facebook user Jason Zy Cheong later identified himself as the van driver and apologised for the incident.

Mr Cheong said in a comment on the post that he wanted to drive to Tampines to pick up his child from a childcare centre, and that he would not have put his licence at risk if it was not an emergency.

Noting that there were many lorries on the road, he said many motorists were stuck in traffic which was "not moving at all" for 45 minutes.

"Sorry if I had caused any inconveniences to anyone," said Mr Cheong.

He later apologised again and said that he had no choice, as the vehicles along the road were all stationary.

He added: "Seek... your kind forgiveness and understanding."

The video clip has garnered 37,000 views and more than 600 shares in the five hours since it was posted.

His apology drew mixed responses from netizens.

Some were sympathetic to his plight. Netizen Pang Jun Heng asked others to "cut him some slack", nothing that the childcare centre could be closing. "If you guys have kids, you will understand him, like some people who commented here."

Several netizens maintained that he would have to take responsibility for any offence he might have committed.

Facebook user Bing Dun Tan said: " Sorry but I guess most people (have) also got something to attend to? If everyone who has something urgent resorts to this in a jam, imagine the chaos it causes."

Another Facebook user Micheka Lee Suet Fong said: "I am a parent myself and I understand your predicament, but the law is the law... take care!"

Veteran lawyer Amolat Singh said the van driver could have committed offences such as reckless or dangerous driving under the Road Traffic Act, or rash driving on a public way under the Penal Code. A public way refers to any pathway or road open to the public.

Each of the two offences would result in a jail term of up to a year and a fine of up to $5,000, but repeat offenders for reckless or dangerous driving will face tougher penalties.