URA revamps online map services with enhanced features to make searches easier

Screengrab of URA Space, the new online portal.
Screengrab of URA Space, the new online portal.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM URA SPACE

SINGAPORE - The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has revamped its online map services with enhanced features to help the public, building professionals and business operators to view and search for information with greater ease.

The new portal, URA Space (Service Portal and Community e-Services), consolidates detailed information on land use and private property into a one-stop platform presented on geospatial maps, the authority said in a media release on Thursday (June 2).

Geospatial maps are embedded with data to allow users to access relevant information easily. These include information on the master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, carpark locations and availability, private residential property transactions, and conservation areas and buildings.

A new function called "Allowable Use For Shophouses" will be going on trial for six months as part of the portal's enhancement. It lets users check the allowable and last approved uses for private shophouses and guides them if they want to submit an application for a change of use.

Previously, users had to pay a search fee of $53.50 to enquire about approved uses for shophouse premises, and wait up to seven working days to receive the information.

With the revamp, the information will be provided immediately and for free.

For instance, if a business operator wants to set up a restaurant on premises where approval was already granted, further planning permission from URA is not required, said the URA.

However, if a business operator intends to change the use from a restaurant to an office, this can be approved immediately after making an online lodgement. And if a business operator wishes to open a restaurant at a location where new restaurants cannot be supported, he will be advised accordingly.

Users are also able to print a copy of the reply for record purposes or to obtain licences from other agencies.

"Such instant online replies will be of great help to business operators in their decision making," said the URA.

The portal also contains a data service that provides real-time parking availability in URA and Housing Board carparks.

URA Space is accessible on multiple devices, including Apple and Android tablets.