Travellers to S'pore can bring up to 20 Covid-19 self-test kits approved in country of embarkation

<p>A staff from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) explaining how to use the antigen rapid test (ART) self-test kit at the void deck of Block 119, Bukit Merah View on 26 June 2021.</p>
11 Covid-19 self-test kits have been authorised for use in Singapore as at Nov 23, including the Quidel QuickVue test kits (pictured). PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Local and foreign travellers entering Singapore are each allowed to bring with them a maximum of 20 Covid-19 self-test kits that have not been authorised for use here as long as they are approved for use in the country the traveller is arriving from.

This has been the case since Dec 23, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) told The Straits Times.

HSA said it had observed an increase in personal imports of Covid-19 self-test kits into Singapore since October.

It had barred the import of some of these test kits, which have not been evaluated for quality or efficacy, as they may be resold locally.

But with the reopening of borders, HSA said it recognised the need for travellers to bring their own self-test kits to fulfil the necessary testing requirements here.

The maximum quota of 20 self-test kits that can be brought in is based on the expectation that incoming travellers may need to test themselves daily for 14 days, with some allowance for retesting, HSA said.

Currently, those entering Singapore via vaccinated travel lanes need to undergo antigen rapid tests (ARTs) daily for seven days after their arrival. This is on top of a mandatory on-arrival polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

On days three and seven of their arrival, the ARTs are done under supervision at a combined test centre or a quick test centre. Travellers must use test kits that are provided at these centres.

On days two, four, five and six of their arrival, travellers must take self-administered ARTs. These are done using test kits that they purchase themselves.

"As the test kits authorised for use in Singapore may not be readily available in other countries, travellers can bring in test kits which are approved for use from their country of embarkment," HSA said.

"Members of the public are reminded that the import of self-test kits through parcel post is still not allowed.

"Any onward supply by wholesale of self-test kits is also not permitted and will require licences and authorisation from HSA. Those infringing this can be imprisoned for up to two years and/or fined up to $50,000, if convicted."

According to HSA's website, 11 Covid-19 self-test kits have been authorised for use in Singapore as at Nov 23.

They are: Abbott's PanBio Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test and Panbio Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test Device (Nasal) kits, BD's Kit for Rapid Detection of Sars-CoV-2 and Veritor At-Home Covid-19 Test kit, SD Biosensor's Sars-CoV-2 Antigen Self-Test Nasal, Standard Q Covid-19 Ag Home Test and Standard Q Covid-19 Ag Test kits, as well as the Quidel QuickVue At-Home OTC Covid-19 Test kit, Cue Covid-19 Test kit, Lucira Check It Covid-19 test kit and the Acon Biotech Flowflex Sars-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test (Self-Testing) kit.

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