Sam Kee station on Punggol LRT to open on Feb 29

The new Safra clubhouse, which is a one-minute walk from the Sam Kee LRT station.
The new Safra clubhouse, which is a one-minute walk from the Sam Kee LRT station.ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

SINGAPORE - Sam Kee station (PW1) on the West Loop of the Punggol Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system will open on Feb 29.

This will provide commuters with access to the Punggol Waterway Park and Safra Punggol Clubhouse, which will be opened on April 24.

Trains will run at a frequency of seven to eight minutes.

From start of operation to 3pm daily, the trains will run from Sam Kee station to Punggol Town Centre station and back in a continuous loop.

From 3pm to the end of service, they will run in the opposite direction, departing from Punggol Town Centre station and arriving at Sam Kee station last.

This arrangement provides the commuters a faster way to get to the Town Centre during the first half of the day and back to their homes during the second half of the day.

SBS Transit chief executive officer, Mr Gan Juay Kiat, said: "This serves the travel needs of commuters getting to these facilities for their leisure and recreational pursuits. Punggol residents will find it convenient to get out of their homes to visit the Park with their families to enjoy a day of outdoor activities."

Mr Sam Lai, 34, entrepreneur, said: "I'm very excited to know that the Sam Kee station will be opening as it will be very easy and also fast to get between my home and the Safra clubhouse."

The first part of PunggolWest LRT which includes three stations - Nibong, Sumang and Soo Teck- was opened on June 29,2014.

The remaining three stations - Teck Lee Station (PW2), Punggol Point (PW3) and Samudera Station (PW4) - on the Loop will be opened later when their surrounding areas are developed.

Correction note: An earlier version of this story misspelled SBS Transit chief executive officer Gan Juay Kiat's name. We are sorry for the error.