Public Transport Council makes raft of recommendations to improve public transport

Handicapped commuters have wider ticketing booths to make it easier for them to have access to the North East Line (NEL). PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A raft of recommendations has been released by the Public Transport Council (PTC) on how buses and trains can be made friendlier for families, seniors and wheelchair users.

The recommendations which include designing buses to encourage commuters to move to the back and reducing escalator speeds at train stations to make it safer for seniors, were distilled after a six-month public consultation - which began earlier this year.

The views of over 2,600 commuters were sought via in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and face-to-face surveys.

Released on Monday (Aug 1), the results of the exercise were submitted last week to the Transport Minister.

Some of the biggest concerns from commuters included crowding on public transport and stations, issues of reliability and accessibility.

In response, the council has made several recommendations, such as allowing open strollers on buses which will make it easier for families with small children to travel.

At the moment, parents have to fold up strollers when they board buses.

Other ideas include designing bus stops with more comfortable seats and with more space so commuters find it easier to navigate during rush hour.

The full report is available online on the PTC website.

PTC chairman Richard Magnus said most of the concerns raised by commuters in the exercise might appear small but are significant if taken collectively and viewed in context of the 7.9 million daily passenger trips.

"The recommendations can truly make a difference to commuters' journeys if the relevant stakeholders consider them for implementation," he said.

Responding in a blog post on Monday, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said he fully supported the PTC's focus on commuters, adding that the transport system needed to be more "senior-friendly, child-friendly and more inclusive".

"LTA will study PTC's report and strive to put into practice the many useful recommendations contained in it," he said.

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