Physics poser, CEO bid and memes: How netizens react to Joo Koon train collision

A mock poster and a tongue-in-cheek physics question that have appeared online, in the wake of the Joo Koon MRT incident. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM IMGUR, INSTAGRAM/@XINMEMES_SEC
Some netizens have been using humour to criticise SMRT following the Joo Koon incident. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM REDDIT

SINGAPORE - As netizens continue to hit out at SMRT a day after the collision of two trains at Joo Koon MRT station, some are getting creative in their criticisms of the transport operator and its senior management.

On popular forum Reddit, one user penned a letter titled "My Bid To Become CEO of SMRT", in an apparent dig at incumbent Desmond Kuek.

He listed three tongue-in-cheek reasons why he deserves to be the next CEO: He is not a "taiji practitioner" (he does not shift blame to others), he does not condone "train-on-train behaviour" and he is "loco for loco" (loves trains).

Some were more intellectual, coming up with mock physics examination questions.

"A train weighing 140,000kg was moving at 20ms-1 before colliding into another train at the station," reads one question.

"Assuming that all of its kinetic energy was imparted to the other train, calculate the average retarding force experienced by the train given that it moved 5m forward before stopping."

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There were many memes as well, such as a call for SMRT to change its slogan to "It's not if, but when" to reflect the operator's regular mishaps and train delays.

The suggested slogan is a reference to the SGSecure movement's message on terrorism.

Local forum site SGAG took aim at SMRT and the Land Transport Authority's initial use of the phrase "came into contact" to describe the collision.

"This is what I call trying to downplay the seriousness of the incident," wrote one user.

The collision at Joo Koon MRT station left 36 people injured. It was only the second such incident in Singapore's public transport history, and the latest in a litany of setbacks that the transport operator faced in regaining commuter confidence.

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