Oil spill at Kampong Bahru, third such incident since Friday

Workers (right) clearing the oil spill in the centre lane. PHOTO: ST READER

SINGAPORE - Another oil spill has occurred on the roads, the third since Friday.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told The Straits Times on Tuesday that it was alerted at 2.15pm to a spillage in Kampong Bahru Road, near the Sikh temple, in the direction of the Central Expressway.

The middle lane of the major arterial road - which was affected by a spill 40m long and 5m wide - was closed while SCDF officers tried to clear it with water jets and solvents. But they were unsuccessful, and the National Environment Agency was roped in.

NEA officers arrived at 4.30pm, and they too had limited success removing the "sticky substance". As at 10 pm, NEA had not yet ascertained what the substance was.

Eventually, the Land Transport Authority had to resurface two lanes of the road. It was fully opened at 10.25pm.

An LTA spokesman said: "LTA will reopen the affected lanes when resurfacing works are completed."

The Straits Times understands the vehicle that caused the latest spill left the scene.

On Monday, an oil spill on the Pan Island Expressway towards Changi after the Jurong Town Hall Road exit resulted in two lanes being closed to traffic for about four hours in the afternoon.

Last Friday, an oil spill on the Bukit Timah Expressway in the morning caused a massive traffic jam that affected both public and private transport users for several hours.

Both earlier incidents were caused by accidents involving oil carriers. And both incidents required tarmac on the affected stretches to be resurfaced.

The SCDF said it attended to 1,625 and 1,597 oil spills on Singapore roads last year and in 2014. A spokesman said most however, are minor, such as those caused by oil leaks after a vehicle collision.

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