North-South Line signalling tests: Software update expected to tackle teething issues, say LTA and SMRT

An SMRT train passes near Ang Mo Kio MRT station.
An SMRT train passes near Ang Mo Kio MRT station.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A software update to the new signalling system being tested on the North-South MRT Line will be installed on Friday evening (July 14).

The update will be done after passenger service hours, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and rail operator SMRT on Friday.

Developed by Thales, the contractor in charge of the resignalling project, the update is expected to address "teething issues" that surfaced during the testing of the new system, which began full day tests on May 29.

Some of these issues which the update is expected to improve include alignment between train and platform screen doors, trackside-to-train communications and strengthening the signalling system's main server.

"As we cannot rule out possible initial faults during the software update, engineers from LTA, SMRT and Thales will be on standby round-the-clock to closely monitor the transition and address faults," said LTA and SMRT in a joint statement on Friday.

They added: "Should a fault occur, we seek the public's understanding."