Motorists can now apply for speedy clearance pass to Malaysia

SINGAPORE - Singapore motorists can now apply for a pass to get speedier clearance at Malaysian checkpoints, without having to go over the border first.

Holders of the Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS) pass need not fill up immigration cards or have their passports stamped. All they need to do is scan the pass at checkpoints.

The pass is a sticker attached to the passport that is embedded with a RFID chip.

Previously, applicants could apply for these passes only at MACS service counters at the Causeway or Second Link.

Now, the Malaysian government has extended the service to motorists here. Travellers can apply via their vendor, Singapore company Third Link, at their counter in the Orchard Parade Hotel.

"This is another great improvement in the MACS experience as it gives eligible business and leisure visitors a breadth of extra convenience to apply for the pass at our Singapore branch counter," said Third Link general manager Andrew Lau.

The pass will cost $35 in total - which includes a $15 charge by the Malaysian government and a $20 service fee from Third Link - and take one working day to process.

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