More than 450 off-peak travel passes bought on first day of sale

People at the Raffles Place MRT station gantry.
People at the Raffles Place MRT station gantry.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A total of 452 off-peak travel passes were sold on June 28, the first day that they were made available for purchase.

The response has been encouraging and the authority will continue to monitor the take-up rate, a spokesman for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Wednesday.

Commuters can start using the off-peak pass from this Sunday (July5). Users of the pass can enjoy unlimited travel on public transport during off-peak hours on weekdays, and throughout the day on weekends and public holidays.

Off-peak hours refer to any period outside of the morning peak period from 6.30am to 9am, and the evening rush hour from 5pm to 7.30pm.

Adults pay $80 a month for the pass, while senior citizens and those with disabilities can buy it for $40.

The LTA also said that since June 1, about 1,800 people have applied for the adult monthly travel card with the off-peak pass option.

More than 1,480 such cards have been mailed out to date and their owners are expected to activate the use of the off-peak concession in time.

The off-peak pass scheme, first announced by the Ministry of Transport in January 2015, will be piloted for two years and funded by the Government at an expected cost of $10 million annually. It is expected to benefit around 40,000 commuters.

The off-peak pass covers all journeys that start during the off-peak period.

Subsequent transfer trips, including those that fall within the peak period, will be covered.

However, fares for journeys that start during the peak period will be deducted from the stored value of the commuters' concession cards.

Card holders thus need to ensure that they have sufficient value in their card's purse value, the LTA said.

An "off-peak" and "peak" indicator will be displayed on fare gates at MRT stations as well as card readers on buses, to alert commuters.