Green, yellow or red? Commuters can know in advance if there are seats on the bus

SINGAPORE - Commuters will now be able to know in advance if there are available seats or standing space on the bus they are waiting for.

A new function on the MyTransport.SG mobile app will provide commuters with bus loading information as well as estimated arrival timings, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Wednesday.

The information will be colour coded, with green indicating seats available, yellow indicating standing available and red indicating limited standing.

The LTA said this will help commuters decide whether to board the arriving bus or wait for the following one.

The authority has also been working with operators SBS Transit and SMRT to provide more accurate bus arrival timings for more than 4,700 public buses over 360 routes.

With this, most buses should reach no longer than three minutes of the estimated arrival time.

The LTA said the enhanced bus arrival information is also shared with third-party developers of similar transport apps such as SBS Transit IRIS, SMRTConnect, SG NextBus, SG Buses, bus@sg and Next Bus@SG.

The MyTransport.SG app is free and is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.