askST: Can able-bodied drivers park briefly at handicapped spaces?

Reader Alan Lim asked if able-bodied drivers could park briefly in a handicapped parking space if they are ferrying old or young passengers.

Senior transport correspondent Christopher Tan answered.

The short answer is "no", unless the old and young passengers suffer from some form of disability. In which case, the driver should apply for a Class 2 parking label (for caregivers of people with disabilities).

Caregivers with this label are allowed to occupy the designated parking spaces for up to 60 minutes, to allow them to pick up or drop off a person with disabilities.

Otherwise, it is an offence to park in such a space. Fines for first-time offenders were quadrupled from $50 to $200 in December 2015.

Parking is ample in Singapore. There is no reason to occupy a space designated for people with disabilities - even briefly.