8 epic family outings… on a single tank of fuel!

Stylish, spacious, hardworking yet fuel-efficient, The Mitsubishi Attrage is designed to take you and your family places

Experience what it's like to own a stylish, fuel-efficient car that lets you do more with less. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS
Experience what it's like to own a stylish, fuel-efficient car that lets you do more with less. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS

If you’ve ever wanted to get more out of life, the new Mitsubishi Attrage is just the car for you.

More than a mere machine, it’s your ideal lifestyle companion. That’s because the Attrage embodies the investment adage made famous by billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet: Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Fuel efficiency is one the features of the Attrage, as it powers from one destination to another. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS


Let’s imagine an epic, activity-packed family outing. Say you start in Sengkang and head to Mandai Zoo, then to Chinatown Complex Food Centre (the single largest hawker centre in Singapore, with some 260 stalls) for a hearty meal, then East Coast Park for some cycling to burn off all that food, before stopping at Changi Village for dinner and then heading home to Sengkang.

According to Google Maps, that busy day’s journey would cover 96km — something the Mitsubishi Attrage could easily do more than eight times on a single full tank.

Think about it: that's basically two family outings and meals in one day, so those less ambitious could spread out the fun somewhat and do 16 such outings from a single tank instead. Fact— it’s easier for a busy parent to run out of energy than for the Attrage to run out of fuel!

And even though it has a small 42-litre tank that costs relatively little to fill, the Mitsubishi’s class-leading efficiency means it can wring 20.4km from every litre of petrol. Talk about doing more with less.

Passengers enjoy stylish comfort, even if they are taller than the rest. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS


Apart from being easy to handle in the city, the Attrage has a spacious interior, with generous headroom and legroom in the back.

Your taller-than-average friends will be pleasantly surprised — the Attrage can comfortably ensure that a 1.8m tall person can lounge in the back without his knees beside his ears, or  the top his head pushed against the ceiling. Outings in the Attrage always involve a comfortable journey.

And despite the roomy interior, the Attrage is a delight to drive in tight situations. Its small turning radius means it can pull off the tightest u-turns with ease, and it’s less likely to kiss a carpark wall.

And since it comes with a reverse camera, all the guesswork is taken out of parking when you're reversing it into a narrow spot or slotting it neatly into a parallel spot.

With the Attrage, there is room for more. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS


It may not be the largest car, but the Mitsubishi Attrage has the largest boot in its class. It can carry 450 litres of cargo, much more than a typical compact hatchback.

This means it can certainly cope with a weekend’s shopping, but has an appetite for more: you won't need Marie Kondo skills to load up everything from a pram for the youngest family member to a wheelchair for the most elderly member, or any number of items for an active lifestyle, such as a golf bag, fishing rod or cooler box full of beers.

The Attrage shows how you can do so much more by driving a car that carries amazing amounts — so go ahead and say yes should your friend call you up to help with house-moving.

Your smartphone-enabled playlists make each ride more enjoyable. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS


For more enjoyable rides, take your favourite podcasts and music with you; Apple Car and Android Auto enable the Attrage become an extension of your smartphone.

With either of them, you can use voice control to send text messages or have them read to you. But we all know the real reason to connect your phone to your car’s sound system: Carpool Karaoke to your heart’s content, without the judgmental looks from a busful of strangers!

On a more practical note, using navigation guidance from your favourite mapping services like Google Maps or Apple Maps mean you’ll always be ready to explore the world around you, or get to your destination in as little time as possible.

The Attrage's features such as six airbags and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution makes each rider safer. PHOTO: MITSUBISHI MOTORS


Does this sound like you? As a parent, you want to keep your family safe on the road, even if you have little control over what's beyond the locked doors. The Attrage has six airbags  around the cabin to make sure that if the worst happens, its occupants have the best possible chance of escaping serious harm.

Apart from that, it comes with worthwhile passive safety features such as, Hill-Start Assist (which automatically holds the car on an incline to keep it from rolling back) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (which enables it to stop predictably in a straight line during emergency braking) and more.

It also features  internationally standardised car seat fitting system ISOFIX, which allows parents to mount child seats securely, ensuring a safer journey for the little ones.


The Attrage may deliver more, but it demands less.

It’s an attractive financial proposition that costs around $25 a day to own — making it cheaper than leasing.  In other words, despite being the car that carries more, goes further and does more than others, the Mitsubishi Attrage also leaves more in your pocket.

While it’s a worthwhile aspiration to live with a car, the Mitsubishi Attrage shows how it’s even better to Live Big on Value.