Marine Parade roundabout to get three new safety measures months after fatal accident

A mockup of vehicular impact guardrails on the perimeter of the roundabout next to the footpath, which the Land Transport Authority will be adding after appeals from residents in the area for safer roads. PHOTOS: LIM BIOW CHUAN/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Several measures will be implemented to reduce vehicular speed and enhance pedestrian safety at the Marine Parade roundabout that saw a fatal accident in March.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Monday (May 20) that it had taken into consideration feedback from Mountbatten SMC MP Lim Biow Chuan and residents.

Earlier in the day, Mr Lim had posted on Facebook saying that LTA had briefed him on the safety measures for the roundabout. He said: "Work will commence end May and will be completed by end July."

He also thanked LTA for taking the feedback and acting on it.

These measures follow appeals from residents in the area for safer roads after an 82-year-old pedestrian on a sidewalk died in an accident with a car. Some suggested railings for the sidewalk to protect pedestrians from cars after the accident.

About a week later, LTA added speed-regulating strips to two sections of the roundabout and put up new speed advisory signs reminding motorists of the 30km/h speed limit.

The LTA spokesman described on Monday three additional safety measures that were to be implemented.

A proposed realignment of the carriageway entering from Marine Parade Road into the roundabout. PHOTO: LIM BIOW CHUAN/FACEBOOK

Firstly, LTA would be re-aligning the carriageway entering from Marine Parade Road into the roundabout, to introduce tighter turning angles that will lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout.

This would also encourage the motorists to give way to others already navigating the roundabout, said the spokesman.

Secondly, LTA would also be putting in place vehicular impact guardrails on the perimeter of the roundabout that is next to the footpath. The lanes will have to be narrowed to have sufficient road space to implement the guardrails.

The planned crossing point for pedestrians will be shifted such that they will have to cross further away from the main flow of traffic at the roundabout. PHOTO: LIM BIOW CHUAN/FACEBOOK

Lastly, the crossing point for pedestrians would be shifted such that they will have to cross further away from the main flow of traffic at the roundabout. The turning radius at this section of the roundabout will also be tightened to slow down motorists turning into the Silversea condominium, added the LTA spokesman.

Silversea resident Beverly Paulis-Lukaszewski said that residents' concerns about the safety of the roundabout "didn't fall on deaf ears".

"These three measures will increase the safety of this roundabout tenfold, and I'm relieved to read about this plan of action," added the 39-year-old homemaker.

She had earlier said the situation was so unsafe that she made it a point to avoid walking along the roundabout when she sent her four-year-old son to pre-school.

Ms Paulis-Lukaszewski said:" It's tragic that an innocent pedestrian had to be killed in order for these safety measures to be implemented.

"But once the lanes are narrowed, the guardrails are installed and the crosswalk relocated, I will rest much easier knowing that my family, friends and I will be safer while walking on this roundabout."

When asked if she thought more could be done, she said that this seemed to be the most viable solution other than changing the roundabout into a junction with traffic signals.

Mr Crispin Casimir, 57, a chartered building surveyor, said that it would also be useful to label the lanes in the roundabout such that cars would enter the roundabout correctly with respect to their point of exit.

"There is currently too much lane jumping," he said. He added that he used the roundabout about twice a month.

He said that as a driver here, he was frustrated about the current level of roundabout lane discipline, as well as the use of indicator lights.

The measures will be carried out in stages, and lanes will be partially closed during the road works to facilitate construction at the site.

Directional and information signs will also be placed to help guide motorists and other road users when works are ongoing.

LTA added: "We urge all motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution and consideration when using our roads, and play their part to contribute towards a safer environment."

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