The Straits Times: Your reliable companion in a fast-paced world

In today’s fast-paced world, staying on top of developments is both a necessity and a challenge. 

You need to figure out where to put your money, when to buy property, which school is best for your children, or where the jobs are. And, you want to be in the know on what restaurants or holiday destinations to check out. 

An avalanche of fake news that buries important facts has made it all the more difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Quite simply, you need a source of information you can trust. You need a reliable companion that can make sense of that information and show how it affects you. The Straits Times has been serving readers in Singapore since 1845. Right from day one, our editors were committed to providing a “correct record” of the day’s events.

As the world grew more globalised, ST became your window to Asia, with our own correspondents in major cities, whose focus was on reporting and interpreting the news objectively.

Now, in the digital age, our award-winning multimedia newsroom delivers content round the clock – any time, anywhere and any way you choose to receive it – on your phone, tablet, desktop, in print, or even on your watch or the radio.

Delivering good journalism demands sheer hard work – old-fashioned legwork to seek out information and cross-check facts, as well as tapping today’s communications tools to tell stories in new, creative and more visual ways. Doing so takes time, effort and resources, which are costly. 


This is why we hope you, our readers, will support these efforts through a subscription to our products. We will continue to deliver breaking news reports on our website and apps to all who visit these platforms. But our best and most exclusive content will be saved for our subscribers.

We recognise that the way each of you consumes the news varies greatly. So, we now have several new digital subscription packages to serve you better, delivering more quality content across all our platforms. Please pick the package that suits you best.

However you choose to enjoy our content, thank you for reading The Straits Times.

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