The Straits Times' News In A Minute: Dec 27, 2017

Today's top news headlines: Sensors and cameras to catch motorists evading parking charges, shuttle buses to ferry commuters affected by MRT closures, and court rejects bid by gay man to adopt child fathered through surrogacy.
In today's The Straits Times News In A Minute video, we look at:
* The Housing Board will be using sensors and cameras to record motorists who bypass carpark gantries without paying the charges. 
* Up to 300 shuttle buses a day will be deployed to ferry commuters affected by the closure of 10 East-West Line MRT stations on two Sundays in January. 
*  A gay Singaporean man travelled to the United States and paid US$200,000 to father a boy through surrogacy arrangements. A district judge has rejected his bid to adopt the child - now four years old - whom he brought back with him to Singapore.