The Straits Times' new apps: FAQs

The Straits Times has a new look and feel to celebrate the paper's 170th anniversary. Read about all the changes and how you can access ST on its various platforms here. 

There are some teething issues on our digital platforms that we're actively trying to rectify. We seek your patience and understanding.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. Do feel free to post a comment at the bottom if you've any other issues.

Q: I'm a subscriber and I've logged in. The app, however, is asking me to log in again.
A: We are looking into this. Meanwhile, please log in again. Here's a simple step-by-step guide.
1) Head to the User page which is located at the bottom left of the left drop down menu.


2) Do ignore the 'Restore Subscription' and 'Subscribe' buttons if you are an existing subscriber. You should instead look for the Log In button at the bottom of the page.


3) Log in with your username and password.

Q: What is 'Restore Subscription'?
A: This function will restore the subscription for those who purchased our packages through iTunes. 

Q: Despite registering, I cannot view the ePaper and the Print Edition. 
A: The ePaper is for subscribers only. The Print Edition can be viewed by all - up to the quota of 50 stories that has been set for the month of July, 2015.
If you register with us, you can get unlimited access to everything on the site/app (except PDFs) till Aug 9, 2015. 

Q: I can't find past issues from the last 7 days on the mobile app.
A: Please swipe the screen to the left to the menu, tap on the ePaper tab, go into it and you'll be able to pick issues from the last 7 days.

Q: If I am a subscriber, do I need to register to read Print Edition?
A: Subscribers have unlimited access to our digital products. You do not need to register to read the Print Edition. Simply log in and read the entire ST, including exclusive access to the ePaper - PDF version of the ST newspaper.

Q: The app is stuck after the update. 
A: Please try reinstalling the app again. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Q: The password system reset function sends me a blank email when I ask for a reset.
A: We are aware of this issue, and are looking into it. 

Q: I have an all-in-one subscription but have trouble logging into the website. 
A: All you need to do is refresh your page and it should reflect that you are logged in.

Q: Some sections of the ePaper aren't appearing on the web browser.
A: We are aware of the issue, and are looking into it.

Q: I am unable to zoom in to the respective sections on the ePaper. 
A: Navigating to respective sections can be done using the options at the bottom of the page. It should appear on the app interface when you tap on the screen once. Please refer to the screengrab below.

Q: Why does the website keep notifying me that I have 48 articles left?
A: The website will allow a quota of 50 free stories in July for non subscribers. A meter will show you how many more free stories you have left, and will appear after 2 stories, hence 48 articles left. Subsequently, the meter will continue to pop up after every 5 stories read, until a reader reaches 50 articles.

Q: I can't log into the website from my browser. The error message says I'm an 'unauthorised client' and that the system is not able to get my details from 'OpenAM'.
A: Please clear your browsing data. This includes browsing history, cache, cookies and plugin data.