The skinny on Brexit, Baku and summer solstice

People celebrating the summer solstice at the Kokino megalithic observatory, near the city of Kumanovo in Macedonia, on Tuesday.
People celebrating the summer solstice at the Kokino megalithic observatory, near the city of Kumanovo in Macedonia, on Tuesday.PHOTO: REUTERS

Brexit dominated the headlines and ST Explainers, as the momentum and the campaign ramped up to the referendum vote yesterday. Besides Brexit, ST Explainers on the website also covered the Formula 1 racetrack in Azerbaijan, the summer solstice and car safety for child passengers.

All about Brexit

A record 46.5 million people registered in the United Kingdom to vote in the referendum on the European Union, which resulted in a victory for the Leave camp. In the run-up to the vote, The Straits Times put together explainers for eight things to know about the issue ( and five potential consequences (

The issue may seem far removed from Singapore, but in this interconnected world, Brexit could impact the economy in Asia and Singapore. Find out how at For a recap of our complete coverage, go to

Baku's F1 street circuit and more

Azerbaijan's capital Baku hosted its first Grand Prix from June 17 to 19. At 6.003km in length and allowing drivers to get up to speeds of 340kmh, the Baku street circuit is officially the longest and fastest race of the F1 season. Find out more about the city's Unesco World Heritage castle and other snippets.

Summer solstice celebrations

June is the month for the summer solstice, when the Northern Hemisphere sees the longest day of the year. This year, the summer solstice was on either June 20 or 21, depending on which part of the world you were in, and it coincided with the "strawberry moon".

Read about how people around the world celebrate the solstice.

Car safety tips

Two young boys, aged three and six, were recently injured in a car accident which killed their mother.

According to a 2002 Traffic Police campaign, a properly fitted child restraint system can reduce fatal injuries in children by up to 75 per cent and serious injuries by 67 per cent.

We round up some car safety tips for parents.

Huge tech deals

Another tech buyout hit the headlines recently. Microsoft shelled out an eye-watering US$26.2 billion (S$35.6 billion) for online network LinkedIn.

We look back at four of the biggest deals involving social media and messaging networks and see how they have been faring.

Skinny is out of fashion

London's public transport network has banned body shaming advertisements in the network that includes the Underground, buses, trams and trains.

Britain is the latest in a series of countries that have implemented rules and regulations in an effort to promote a healthier body image.

We look at how four countries - Italy, Spain, Israel and France - have banned ultra-thin models in fashion shows and advertisements.

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