Take our quiz: The dos and don'ts of flying drones in Singapore

SingPost delivered a package to Pulau Ubin using a drone.
SingPost delivered a package to Pulau Ubin using a drone.PHOTO: SINGPOST

SINGAPORE - SingPost has flown a T-shirt and a letter to Pulau Ubin from Lorong Halus using a drone, in a world-first for a postal service.

The short hop of about 2km - which took about five minutes - was no easy task though; it required permissions and cooperation from six government agencies.

For the record the agencies are the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the Republic of Singapore Air Force as well as the Singapore Police Force.

Meanwhile, a man who flew a drone near the War Memorial Park on National Day was given a stern warning by the Police on Thursday.

As unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones become more common, both hobbyists and corporations have found many uses for the gadgets.

Do you know what you can and cannot do with drones in Singapore? Take our quiz to find out.