Suspected thief nabbed by security guard at People's Park Complex

SINGAPORE - A 56 year-old man has been arrested by the police for allegedly snatching $4,000 from another man at People's Park Complex on Tuesday.

The complex's security officer managed to detain the suspect after the victim, who who wanted to remit the money to China, cried for assistance.

The police, in a news release on Wednesday, said officers found a knife measuring about 20cm in length in the alleged thief's possession.

Investigations are ongoing.

If convicted of theft, the 56 year-old man faces up to three years in jail, or a fine, or both. If found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon, he faces up to three years in jail and not less six strokes of the cane.

Central Police Division commander Daniel Tan commended the security officer, Mr Jason Jai Ganesh, for his public spiritedness.

The police also reminded members of the public to avoid carrying excessive cash in public, especially when alone, and to refrain from wearing or exposing their jewelleries or monies in public.

"When confronted, you should remain calm. You should not put up a struggle especially if the culprit is armed with sharp objects like a knife or pen knife. You should try to take note as much details of the culprit as you possibly can, such as his appearance, clothing, height and other physical description. You should also take note of the culprit's direction and mode of escape. Call '999' as soon as it is safe to do so."

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