Surprise passenger as baby is born in SMRT taxi

Taxi driver Mr Mohamad Nazaruddin, together with his passengers Mr Hamid and Madam Maria Elena del Rosario Ortiz and their newborn baby. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/SMRT

SINGAPORE - Picking up his first passengers of the day, SMRT taxi driver Mr Mohamad Nazaruddin received an unexpected addition on route: the couple's baby.

Madam Maria Elena del Rosario Ortiz and her husband, Mr Hamid, were on their way to the hospital for a check-up in Mr Mohamad's taxi on Monday (Jan 30) afternoon.

Mr Mohamad noticed his passenger was in pain and decided to drive to the nearest hospital instead. But the baby came early and was delivered in his taxi.

The 39-year-old stayed calm and advised Mr Hamid on how to ensure the baby would be fine.

Nurses helped the couple and their baby when they arrived at the hospital and Mr Mohamad waived the couple's taxi fare.

The story was shared by SMRT on its Facebook page on Tuesday (Jan 31).

Madam Maria described the experience as "unforgettable and remarkable".

"I feel shocked and also overjoyed that my baby girl was born in a taxi," she said. "My husband and I would like to thank Mr Mohammad for doing a good job to take care of our baby and reassure us that the baby is fine. It was very well done."

Mr Mohamed said: "I'm lost for words. I'm glad that I'm able to help them in terms of giving them advice on what to do with the baby and ensuring that the baby is safe.

"I feel great about being part of this amazing journey with the parents. I hope that the family will be happy and joyous and wish them all the best."

To recognise his good deed, SMRT said that it will waive Mr Mohamad's taxi rental for a day.

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