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Stepping forward to answer a calling in life

WP candidate, Dennis Tan Lip Fong.
WP candidate, Dennis Tan Lip Fong.PHOTO: THE WORKERS' PARTY

Dennis Tan Lip Fong, 45

Occupation: Shipping lawyer, partner at law firm DennisMathiew

Family: Married to a 43-year-old lawyer

Education: Bachelor of Laws from the University of Nottingham and Master of Maritime Law from the University of Southampton

Hobbies: Running, cycling, reading about history and politics

Why politics?

I believe there is a calling for everyone. Somehow, in 2011, when I was asked whether I wanted to volunteer to help with (WP member) Yee Jenn Jong's campaign, I think that was the day when that calling to go into politics came, and certainly from then until now, this is what I feel I am supposed to do in my life.

Why you?

I think in Singapore, politically, there is a "not in my backyard" mindset. Singaporeans think somebody else can do it. But I feel that we should do away with this "not in my backyard" syndrome, that's why I stepped forward. I hope that with my participation, many more capable people can step forward and be future political leaders.

What issues will you focus on?

To me, retirement adequacy is a big issue, especially with the cost of living... The system of governance is also an issue to me. The way we look at politics, the way we pass Bills in Parliament. They are often rushed through without proper debate, and constructive ideas which are raised are often grudgingly swept under the carpet.

Favourite spot in Singapore?

East Coast Park and the East Coast area. I grew up in the East Coast area. Since my secondary school days, I have spent a lot of time on the beach.

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