ST Explainers: Shark-infested waters, bak zhang and white rice

Learn about shark-infested waters, and watch a video which teaches you to tie a bak zhang on our website. There is also an explainer on how to download 15 free e-books from The Straits Times' website.

15 e-books available for download

The Straits Times has amassed an e-book library and 15 of them are now available for download. Get 60 recipes for instant noodles with Cook Mee, or remember the passing of Singapore's founding father with Lee Kuan Yew: The Final Journey.

Waters where sharks lurk

The past months have seen quite a few shark attacks grabbing headlines around the world. Find out where the world's most shark-infested waters are located and read survival tips in our explainer.

Learn how to tie a rice dumpling

The Dragon Boat Festival this year fell on June 8. For the adventurous cook who wants to try his hand at making the festival favourite of rice dumpling, watch our video in which food correspondent Rebecca Lynne Tan learns how to properly fill and tie a bak chang from Mr Chew Chin Peng, the second-generation owner of Hoo Kee Bak Chang.

How to make white rice better for you

While we are on the subject of food, white rice has been the focus of intense debate over the past weeks after the Health Promotion Board targeted the staple in Singapore's fight against diabetes. How one consumes white rice can significantly reduce its sugar load on the body. Senior Health Correspondent Salma Khalik has some tips on the best ways to eat rice that will reduce its sugar impact.

Security issues made simple

The Shangri-La Dialogue, one of the world's top security forums, was held in Singapore from June 3 to 5. Read our full coverage at, or head over to our explainer which crunches down the three days of discussions into five highlights,

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