ST Explainers: Food fads, butterflies and unpronounceable place names

A visitor taking a photo of a king crow butterfly at the indoor butterfly sanctuary at the Science Centre.
A visitor taking a photo of a king crow butterfly at the indoor butterfly sanctuary at the Science Centre. ST PHOTO: MARCUS TAN

ST Explainers, in the past fortnight, tackled a topic close to Singaporean hearts - food. We went from the stomach to the tongue as the change of name for the Czech Republic to Czechia prompted a guide to tongue-twisting names of exotic places. Readers may also find useful a video on a smartphone tech tip and a listicle about butterflies, which are the stars of a new Science Centre exhibit.

Five things to know about butterflies

Before you head to the Singapore Science Centre to see its new butterfly exhibit, which opens today, read science writer Carolyn Khew's listicle of five things to know about the delicate insects at

Lowdown on Singapore food crazes

The latest food fad to hit town is a Japanese treat - cheese tarts. But before the Japanese shop Bake opened yesterday, home-grown bakeries Prima Deli and Patisserie Glace were already offering their flavoured takes on the pastry. Relive 11 food fads that have whetted Singaporean tastebuds, from salted-egg croissants to mookata, at

Say it right, with place name guide

Did you know that the suffix -istan means land in Persian? The Central Asian lands of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are among the tongue-twisting geographic locations covered in our pronunciation guide. Never say the name of Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram wrong again with this list of sound file pronunciation guides at

Getting to favourite websites faster

If you surf the Web regularly on your smartphone, check out our video that shows you a handy little hack for getting to your favourite websites quickly from your smartphone homescreen.

8 things about Budget 2016

This year's Budget debate wrapped up on April 14, but askST has been getting questions from readers who want to know how some of the financial support schemes and tax changes affect them. After sitting through nine days of Parliament, with close to 70 hours of debate and nearly 500 questions, deputy digital editor Ong Hwee Hwee and reporter Chew Hui Min offer a snapshot of eight things about this year's Budget debate.

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