ST Explainers: Brexit, dengue season and a mission to Jupiter

From bite-sized facts about mosquitoes to interplanetary adventures with Nasa's Juno spacecraft, we cover a whole lot of ground - and space - in our ST Explainers.

Lessons from non-EU nations

The narrow victory for Brexit means that Britain needs another model for its relationship with the European Union.

From the tiny island of Greenland to the wealthy nations of Norway and Switzerland, here are some alternative models of how countries have shaped their economic and political relationships with the EU.

Britain's next PM

Politicians have been falling over like tenpins in the wake of Brexit. With Prime Minister David Cameron announcing his resignation and former London mayor Boris Johnson withdrawing from the race, a raft of other candidates have stepped forward to contest the leadership post.

We look at five of the initial contenders, including front runner and "Remain" supporter Theresa May.

Aussie election: Who's who

Australians headed for an early election on July 2. ST Explainers rounded up the leaders of the country's most prominent players in a pre-election look at the politicians who will have to bargain with one another following the cliffhanger election results which are likely to lead to parliamentary deadlock.

Anti-mosquito diet

Peak dengue season is here. Besides keeping your home and surroundings mosquito-free with vigilant checks, did you know that you could also dial down your attractiveness to mosquitoes by avoiding beer and salty snacks? Find out more in our explainer at

Six things about The Hague

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is due to hand down a judgment on July 12 in a case lodged by the Philippines against China's claims in the South China Sea. We look at The Hague and why it is associated with international law, peace and justice. Read six things about the city, its demographics and culture.

Dhaka cafe attack

A dramatic 11-hour siege at an upmarket cafe in the diplomatic zone of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on July 1 resulted in 20 deaths. Most of the victims were hacked to death with machetes and at least 30 people were wounded.

It was the country's worst terrorist attack since 2005 and ISIS claimed responsibility early on July 2. We look at how the attack unfolded and what is known of the attackers and the victims.

Nasa's mission to Jupiter

Last but not least, news that Nasa's Juno spacecraft had successfully entered Jupiter's orbit broke on Tuesday. Read more about the importance of the mission and the details of the spacecraft in our listicle.

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