S'poreans most Wi-Fi-mad Asian travellers

Globally, they are third most Wi-Fi-obsessed after Brazilians and Americans, survey shows

Singaporeans are the most "Wi-Fi-obsessed" travellers in Asia, a survey by travel site Expedia showed.

Of the 600 adult Singaporeans who were polled, 80 per cent chose wireless technology connecting them to the Internet as a "very important" hotel amenity - the highest percentage in Asia.

Malaysian travellers were second at 76 per cent, and Hong Kong travellers third at 74 per cent.

Globally, Singaporeans were the third most Wi-Fi-obsessed, behind Brazilians and Americans.

Ms Lim Hui Juan, director and co-founder of Quotient Travel Planner, believes that Singaporeans have become accustomed to having data at their fingertips, even overseas.

"Whenever Singaporeans go to hotels, they will ask if Wi-Fi is available," she said. "It has become a habit for us to have Wi-Fi and mobile data to stay connected to our work and social media."

Conducted by research firm Northstar Research Partners, the annual Global Flight and Hotel Etiquette Study analysed flight and hotel habits of over 18,000 travellers from 23 countries.

More than 6,000 respondents from the Asia-Pacific were part of the survey, including travellers from Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Said Mr Shawnz Hahnemann, IT manager of Hahnemann Travel: "Singaporeans need to know what the place is like and if there are any good deals in the area through the Internet... We usually get asked if the buses we provide for our tours have Wi-Fi."

He said eight in 10 of his customers want Wi-Fi when they sign up for tours.

Ms Yeap Ker Ning Hannah, 24, travels at least twice a year for leisure and uses Wi-Fi and mobile data on most occasions. She said: "I usually use it for Google Maps and social media. It's important for me to know the recommended routes and on-scene waiting times."

The survey also found that a majority of Singaporeans tended to prefer staying in "big chain hotels", with 49 per cent of respondents choosing the option over boutique hotels or rentals.

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