SPH-IMDA partnership on digital video content: Check out The Straits Times' 5 programmes

SINGAPORE - The Straits Times will helm five of the 10 digital video programmes set to be rolled out under an inaugural partnership between Singapore Press Holdings and the Info-communications Media Development Authority. 

Ranging from interviews and performances from local musicians to a documentary on some of Singapore's little-known places, they will be launched progressively from Dec 5. 

Here's a closer look at the five. 

1. AskST 

Start date: Dec 5

No. of episodes: 13

Building on its reader engagement initiative launched in January this year, AskST will see the paper's experienced journalists appear in front of the camera to answer questions posed by readers on a wide variety of topics - from health and finance matters to the latest on cars and food. 

2. Living City 

Start date: Dec 6

No. of episodes: 10

A documentary-style series that takes a closer look at some of Singapore's interesting and little-known places, such as a cemetery tucked away in Queenstown. 

Each episode will contain snippets of the place's history, and also weave in stories of its long-time residents and frequent visitors. 

3. Bridget's Adventures

Start date: Dec 8

No. of episodes: 10

Join ST journalist Bridget Tan as she tries out the craziest fringe sports and lifestyle activities that Singaporeans participate in, such as walking on water using a hydrojet pack. 

4. ST Sessions 

Start date: Dec 9

No. of episodes: 8

This series will cast the spotlight on local musicians, both emerging and established ones, with interviews and intimate live performances. 

What's in store: The likes of up-and-coming duo Tomgirl and folk singer Shak. 

5. Heroes Among Us

Start date: Dec 11

No. of episodes: 8

Feel the need to be inspired? Heroes Among Us will speak to young Singaporeans who overcame adversity to achieve success. 

The series will also showcase youth with particular talents or are passionate in pursuing their interests.